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Top 20 Paid Blogging Jobs for Moms  That Pay $100+ in 2024

Legit Sites That Pay Moms to Write: Earn Extra Cash from Home!

Calling all mama writers! Looking for legitimate websites that offer paid blogging jobs for moms? You’ve come to the right place!

Many moms yearn to contribute their talents while earning extra income from the comfort of home. This list, compiled through careful research, features 20 websites actively seeking mom writers and offering competitive compensation.

Do You Know, What Is Blogging Jobs Anyway?

Blogging jobs, as the name implies, involve writing articles for blogs or clients on a freelance basis, allowing you to earn money while honing your writing skills.

It’s an enjoyable way to delve into writing without needing any upfront investment. Anyone who can learn to write in a captivating manner can excel in blogging jobs.

Personally, I adore writing because of the flexibility it offers, and oftentimes, the compensation is quite rewarding!

While there are some blogs that offer low pay rates, I prefer to focus on opportunities with reputable companies that offer fair compensation for your efforts.

Why Write For Other Websites?

Blogging jobs for moms encompass various avenues for generating income, one of which is freelance writing or guest blogging on other websites.

Guest bloggers typically create content for external platforms and in return, receive acknowledgment through a backlink or a byline crediting them as the author. While sometimes this acknowledgment is the sole compensation, other times, guest blogging can come with a monetary payment – and that’s precisely what we’ll explore in this article.

Guest writing on external sites holds significant value for bloggers, for several reasons:

  1. It expands your reach and audience when your content is published on someone else’s website.
  2. It enhances your credibility and authority in the eyes of both current and prospective readers.

Have you ever stumbled upon a blog that proudly lists the prestigious websites where their content has been featured? It adds an extra layer of authority when your work appears on prominent platforms like Yahoo Finance or Scary Mommy.

  1. Ultimately, guest writing has the potential to become a lucrative income stream for you as a blogger or freelancer.

In essence, you can earn a substantial income by contributing content to other blogs.

Now, let’s delve into this curated list of 27+ sites that offer payment opportunities for moms who are eager to share their writing talents!

Top 20 Blogging Jobs For Moms

Be a Paid Mom Blogger: Earn Extra & Share Your Voice

Moms, unleash your writing talent and turn it into income! Many websites pay for engaging content on family, parenting, and more. Earn up to $200 per article, work from home, and gain valuable experience. Explore our curated list of 10+ legitimate sites seeking mom bloggers. Start monetizing your passion today!


Her View From Home is a lifestyle platform centered around topics related to your home, family, and daily life. When reaching out via email, be sure to include your website URL, links to your social media profiles, and a post ranging between 600-800 words. Additionally, include other relevant links to your previous posts. Compensation is determined by a pay scale based on pageviews.

Payment Structure: Up to $100 for every 4,000 views.

02. FamilyFun

FamilyFun, a long-standing and widely recognized magazine, caters to families with children aged 3-12. Their content spans a broad spectrum, ranging from culinary adventures to vacation planning, with a focus on providing tips for crafting unforgettable family moments.

They primarily seek engaging posts in the following areas:

  • Food
  • Crafts
  • Parties
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Games
  • Creative solutions for everyday household challenges
  • Home organizing and decorating

If you’re passionate about sharing family-tested, uncomplicated ideas in these realms, FamilyFun welcomes your submissions.

03. Money Pantry

Money Pantry is primarily known as a personal finance blog, but it warmly welcomes contributions from moms like you. You can share your insights, ideas, and personal experiences on various topics such as saving money on groceries, purchasing children’s clothing, and planning budget-friendly activities for the entire family.

Moreover, Money Pantry offers paid blogging opportunities and extends a friendly invitation to contributors. If your story is selected for publication on their blog, you can earn between $30 to $150 per submission. It’s a fantastic opportunity to share your wisdom and earn some extra income!


Freelance Mom offers blogging jobs for moms, providing an opportunity to contribute content featuring “current, practical, and actionable” advice and tips.

They specifically seek highly personal, extensively researched, and education-focused articles from contributors.

Submissions should ideally fall within the range of 900 to 1,500 words, and selected articles receive compensation ranging from $75 to $100.

Additionally, there’s an exciting incentive: The most-shared article each month earns a $150 bonus! It’s a rewarding opportunity for moms to share their expertise and earn income through writing.

05. Healthy Living

Healthy Living welcomes submissions from moms interested in blogging jobs, covering a diverse range of health-related topics such as beauty, travel, and parenting. When reaching out to guest post, you can submit your entire post for consideration, and typically expect a response within six days.

Compensation for published posts ranges from $150 for articles spanning 1500 to 6000 words. It’s an excellent opportunity for moms to share their expertise on health and wellness while earning income through writing.

06. Romper

Romper welcomes pitches from freelancers for essays and reported pieces ranging from 800 to 2,000 words.

While the pay details are not explicitly mentioned on their website, freelancers are generally compensated for their work. Therefore, it’s advisable to include your proposed pricing when submitting your pitch.

07. Yummy Mummy Club

.The Yummy Mummy Club (YMC) targets Canadian women with children, covering a wide array of topics relevant to motherhood, pregnancy, and the needs of families with kids.

When reaching out via email, be sure to include your complete post submission.

Compensation: $100 for original articles.


At A Fine Parent, moms have the opportunity to write about positive, gentle, and intentional parenting practices.

Submissions should ideally range between 1,500 to 3,000 words in length.

Selected articles that are published on the platform are compensated with $75. It’s a wonderful avenue for moms to share their insights and experiences on parenting.


The Green Parent, a UK-based publication with a global readership, focuses on eco-friendly parenting, environmental concerns, and alternative health viewpoints.

As the name suggests, they prioritize content related to sustainable child-rearing practices and environmental consciousness. They take these values seriously and do not entertain articles that conflict with their core principles.

Contributors can expect payment of £75 per 1000 words for accepted submissions. It’s an excellent opportunity for writers to share their perspectives on green parenting and related topics.

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10. Medium

For freelance writers, Medium presents a prime opportunity to explore blogging jobs, particularly for moms seeking flexible options.

On Medium, you have the choice to write for free, leveraging the platform for exposure, or to monetize your content by joining Medium’s partner program.

Through the partner program, writers earn based on the amount of time readers spend engaging with their content. Essentially, the longer readers immerse themselves in your articles, the more you can potentially earn.

Moreover, Medium offers another avenue for income generation: by referring readers to the Medium membership program, writers can also earn money.

Overall, Medium provides a versatile platform for moms to showcase their writing skills and potentially earn income through various channels.

11. Motherly

Motherly is a renowned name in the world of mommy blogging, providing a supportive space for modern mothers navigating the complexities of motherhood.

Notably, Motherly stands out as one of the mom blogs that compensates its contributors.

To contribute to Motherly, you can submit your article directly to them for consideration. They carefully evaluate submissions to decide whether to publish them.

They prefer articles based on personal experiences or expert opinions, particularly if you possess expertise in a certain area.

While the exact pay per article is not disclosed publicly, it’s advisable to reach out to them directly to inquire about their current rates.

Typically, Motherly may require writers to submit a couple of unpaid articles initially. However, they may offer compensation for subsequent articles, although this is subject to negotiation.


Mom.Me offers payment opportunities for writers to contribute pregnancy, parenting, and family life content.

To get started, simply send your pitch to their media/PR department using the provided contact information.

While specific payment details are not listed on their website, it’s recommended to include your proposed pricing when submitting your pitch. This ensures clarity and transparency in your communication with Mom.Me.


Focus on the Family offers blogging jobs for moms, providing an opportunity to share helpful and practical parenting tips for a compensation of $50 per article.

Submissions should ideally range between 50 to 300 words in length. Selected articles that are published on their platform are rewarded with a payment of $50. It’s a fantastic opportunity for moms to contribute their insights and expertise to support other parents.


Aquila offers an enticing opportunity for moms to earn by submitting educational content aimed at entertaining confident and independent readers aged 9-12.

Compensation: They generously pay £105 upon publication for short stories, features, or installments of two-part stories. If you’re pitching a story, aim for it to be under 1200 words. It’s an excellent chance for moms to showcase their creativity and contribute to children’s education and entertainment.

15. Cosmopolitan

If you’ve got a wild and uproarious college tale that’s begging to be shared, Cosmopolitan, yes, the online version of the renowned magazine, is eager to compensate you for your story.

Cosmo accepts payment for a limited number of 1-2 prints a month and 10-15 digital pieces. So, if your submission doesn’t make it through on the first attempt, don’t hesitate to try again!

Compensation: For an 800-word personal post, Cosmo offers $100. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get your hilarious college escapades published and earn some extra cash!

16. Saveur

If you have a knack for crafting captivating posts about mouthwatering recipes, Saveur is a prime destination to explore.

Navigating the website is a breeze, with food topics neatly categorized by occasion, season, course, cuisine, and ingredients.

One particular post caught my eye – a tantalizing feature on a breakfast burger that had me salivating just from the image.

The writing style on Saveur is playful and attention-grabbing, making it an enticing platform for food enthusiasts and writers alike.

17. Well and Good

Well and Good presents a promising opportunity for freelancers, as a significant portion of their content is contributed by independent writers.

When it comes to food-based articles, Well and Good seeks pieces that highlight traditional and cultural values while demonstrating your expertise through well-researched nutrition stories or personal essays.

It’s important for articles to maintain a positive outlook on food and its relationship to health and well-being. Consequently, pieces promoting dieting solely for weight loss purposes are discouraged.

With Well and Good, writers have the chance to delve into meaningful topics surrounding nutrition and food culture, offering a fresh perspective to their audience.

18. ADDitude Magazine

ADDitude, a reputable platform, seeks first-person articles from parents, employers, teachers, and others who have personal experience with ADHD or LD (Learning Disabilities). They value insights that could be beneficial to their readership.

Articles should be concise, with a maximum length of 2000 words. Compensation varies and is based on factors such as article length, the author’s experience, and other relevant considerations.

It’s a rewarding opportunity for individuals with firsthand experience to share their insights and offer support to ADDitude’s audience.

19. Metro Parent

If you’re a mom residing in Michigan, here’s an exciting opportunity for blogging jobs: Southeast Michigan Mamas is seeking submissions from local writers.

Whether you have a compelling local story to share or valuable tips specifically tailored for southeast Michigan moms, they want to hear from you!

Before submitting, it’s beneficial to familiarize yourself with the magazine or its online version to understand their preferred content and style.

Compensation for accepted submissions ranges up to $200 for posts between 1,000 to 2,500 words. It’s a fantastic chance for moms in Michigan to showcase their expertise and connect with their local community.

20. Zift Parent Portal

Zift is a company dedicated to assisting parents in managing their children’s screen time effectively. Their mission is to empower parents to strike a healthy balance between technology usage and face-to-face quality time with their kids. Through their tools and resources, Zift equips parents with the means to navigate the digital landscape and foster meaningful interactions with their children.

The blogging arm of the company is always seeking fresh, original content that offers practical parenting advice and tips, particularly focusing on technology and its impact on families.

They enthusiastically welcome various content formats, including listicles, infographics, and visual media like animations or videos.

If your article is chosen for publication, you’ll receive compensation of $100. It’s a great opportunity for writers to share their insights and expertise while contributing to the conversation surrounding parenting and technology.

Blogging jobs for moms – FAQ

How do I start a blog stay at home mom?

To start a blog as a stay-at-home mom, begin by pinpointing your passions and expertise. Choose a user-friendly platform like WordPress or Blogger, and create an account. Select a domain name that reflects your blog’s theme. Create engaging content such as parenting tips, DIY projects, or personal anecdotes. Share your posts on social media to reach a wider audience. Interact with other bloggers and readers in your niche community. Stay consistent with your posting schedule and remain authentic. With dedication and persistence, your blog can become a valuable resource for fellow parents and individuals interested in your lifestyle.

Are mom blogs profitable?

Mom blogs can be profitable through various revenue streams like sponsored content, affiliate marketing, ad placements, and selling products or services. Success depends on factors such as niche, content quality, audience engagement, and marketing efforts. Mom bloggers often leverage their relatable experiences and expertise to attract loyal followers and partnerships with brands targeting parents. However, profitability requires consistent effort, strategic planning, and adapting to trends. With dedication and creativity, mom blogs can generate significant income streams while providing valuable insights and support to their audience.

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